Greetings to all the Princess lovers!

I’m not sure about you, but growing up as a little girl I adored and absolutely loved watching Disney Princess’ movies. I remembered watching Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Beauty and the Beast and so on and so on.

It brings me back to the time when I went over to my best friends house for a girl’s sleep over party and of course we would do the typical thing that you would do at sleep overs. Eat junk food, play with polly pockets (if you were born in the 90s you would know what I’m talking about, if not, that’s okay too), eat some more, paint your nails, pillow fight, and of course to end off the night we would put a Princess Disney Movie (back then we didn’t have DVDs and we actually had to use VHS, anyone remember those?) in to watch. After the movie ended, I remembered how we would stay up all night laughing and talking about how much we would love to be a Princess, to wear that perfect gown, to have glass slippers to walk around in, and of course to someday marry the Prince of our dreams! Oh those were the fun and simple times.

So when Ly and I were looking for what types of fabric designs we wanted. We came across this Girlfriends: Princess’ fabric design and we fell in love with it. It reminded us of our childhood and just the fact of how adorable it was. We had the pleasure of making this design into a custom blanket for a client. We bought this design in hopes that it will bring as much joy,  creating memories, and being part of someone’s childhood. We believe every little girl deserves to be a Princess. 🙂

We hope you enjoyed reading our Monday blog! Enjoy the gallery and talk to you soon!

Much Love,



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