Hi Everyone!

It has been another eventful weekend. It was another rainy Saturday, but it seems like those days are the best days to stay inside with a nice cup of tea and sew! We have finished our first customized blanket for a customer! This is our first adult throw and I am quite proud to say it turn out well. It is a Black/White Giraffe print design with black satin borders and to complete it with a white shaggy fabric.

Making the adult throw took a bit longer than how we normally make the baby blankets. Of course that is probably because of its size. But another thing is that, working with the shag is probably the most difficult due to its long hair, it gets tangled easily. But this time around, I’ve made a few slight changes in the process of how I made the blankets. It makes life a bit easier. For the sewers who loves to sew, here’s a few quick tip:

  1. Before you sew, make sure to have enough thread. It’s never fun changing your thread in the middle of your project.
  2. If you are sewing a label, logo, or loop, make sure you have it in the right place before you start sewing. No one likes to use the seam ripper, unless they ultimately have to.
  3. Always make sure you open the bobbin compartment and dust it once in a while. And like any mechanic, you need to give it some oil once in a while. It will make it run smoother.
  4. When sewing long hair’d fabric, make sure the fabric is facing upwards and not downwards. It will most likely get jammed in your sewing machine.

Well that’s a few tips for the Monday readers. I hope you enjoy reading our blogs and we’ll talk to you soon!

I’ve taken a couple of pictures of the adult throw, so feel free to take a browse!

Much Love,

Lucy & Ly


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