Giraffe Garden

Hi Everyone!

Once again, we know we have said it many times but thank you for your support and patience! We’ve been busy working on our website, FaceBook, and blanket orders. But finally we have some time to post our recent and latest blanket designs. Please feel free to visit our FaceBook page for our fabric TOPS & BOTTOMS to customize the right blanket for you.

This blanket is our first 100% Cotton Fabric/Minky. It is a fun & cute giraffe design for a girl. It also has cotton batting to create a comfortable padding and has a soft minky bottom to complete it’s feel. Please take a look at the gallery and if you are interested in purchasing this blanket, feel free to email us at We would love to hear from you!

*** FOR SALE ***

$40.00 (CAD)

BLANKET MATERIALS: 100% Cotton Giraffe Garden Fabric TOP, Minky Cuddle Rose White Fabric BOTTOM, Silver Loop

BLANKET SIZE: 29″ x 35″

Much love,
Lucy & Ly


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